SUBMIT TO AUDIOPUB, Win the moon Prize!

The Moon Prize is awarded for Indie Storytelling Excellence. Our mission is to celebrate and honor good stories and help winners of The Moon Prize gain the recognition, media coverage, and industry exposure they deserve.

What separates The Moon Prize from other book awards is that we don't charge for submission. We started The Moon Prize to find quality stories from independent authors that no one else has yet discovered, not to make fees. Also, we aim to tell you right away whether you won! We don't make you wait a year. We can generally tell you in just a few days!

Every winner of The Moon Prize will get the following to make your book stand out online and on bookshelves and earn the attention of librarians and other gatekeepers:

  1. 200 gold-foil stickers (at no cost to you!) to make your book stand out
  2. A high-res version of the award that you can use on your web site, Facebook page, electronic book covers, etc. a
  3. A social media shareable version of the award for easy posting to Twitter and Facebook
  4. A website URL celebrating and reviewing your book that you can link to wherever you use the electronic seal
  5. 200 Author business cards featuring the moon prize logo 

Even in this day and age, book awards still matter. They reward your hard work and time and demonstrate to others that you created something of merit. Many libraries won't purchase from authors who haven't won at least one award or some form of critical acclaim. The Moon Prize book award can dramatically improve the results of your marketing efforts and put you into the upper echelon of indie authors.


  1. Update your bio on Amazon, Goodreads, and your author website to include the high-res version of the award
  2. Add a gold seal to your cover to make your book stand out
  3. Post your award on social media
  4. Inform local media and give advanced copies of your book to local bookstores bearing The Moon Prize seal.
  5. Host giveaways to celebrate your award and create more demand now that you are an award-winning author!


To enter, simply upload your completed story to Audiopub to create your own free Audiobook of your story. Every single submission will be reviewed for The Moon Prize within a few days, and you will be informed by email if you won. If you don't win the prize, you will be contacted with the reason and a chance to resolve it. 


Click here to view past winners.