Our Team

We are indie authors! We are also entrepreneurs. Our CEO founded an early social network and sold it for $100 million. Our goal is to make audiobook creation easy and free--and to get authors paid! We strive to make good apps to help our community make good art!


David Cook, CEO

David Cook co-founded myYearbook with his brother Geoff and sister Catherine in 2005. After the sale of the company in 2011 Dave served in Product Marketing until 2015, when he moved to Colorado with his wife. David graduated from University of Colorado in 2011. 


Casey Caracciolo, Author

Author of the Scargen Sci-Fi/Fantasy Series: The Shadow of the Gauntlet and The Dragon Within. Casey's project was selected as a staff pick on Kickstarter and was Geekadelphia's Kickstarter project of the week.


Geoff Cook, Author

Geoff Cook wrote Veronica and the Volcano as an indie author. He has built 3 previous companies and sold them all. He has raised hundreds of millions of dollars in debt and equity over the years. He serves as an advisor. 

Kerri Cook

Kerri Cook does the business stuff, like pay bills and worry about things. She also comes up with all the best ideas.


Your Face Here!

We need you! Help us recruit indie authors to put their stories on Audiopub and get paid! Email us at support@audiopub.com